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Hashtag & UGC

Use branded hashtags to group conversations around your campaigns across mobile and social channels. Infuse your brand with authenticity by harvesting the best of these interactions and then publishing them to your website, microsites, social apps and ads.


Extend your reach, achieve deep engagement and build brand advocacy with consumers through compelling campaign
experiences, such as quizzes, contests, exclusive content and competitions. Collect rich social data to profile your fan base and understand preferences and purchasing intent.


With EngageSciences brands can publish to multiple social profiles, they can optimize their content strategy by tagging posts and they can view in-depth analytics and gain invaluable audience insights.


Set-up feeds from across the social web to find fantastic advocacy content featuring your brand. Filter and curate the best of this content, then publish it into your website, microsites, social apps
and ads. Make your best fans, your best marketers,


Build your loyal fan base with programs that reward followers with badges and points for actions, unlocking access to content and promotions through repeat engagement. Profile who your most loyal fans are, their achievements and how they’re influencing their friends.

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