EngageSciences offers lifeline to worried Wildfire customers

Following the announcement of Wildfire’s acquisition by Google, a number of their customers who use them primarily for Facebook marketing will be justifiably worried at the prospect of their social media management vendor being controlled by the search giant. As Josh Constine over at TechCrunch stated when he broke the news yesterday, “Since it decides who gets early access to new features that can attract clients, Facebook could subtlety hurt Wildfire by favoring its competitors.” Such a reaction by Facebook would adversely affect Wildfire’s customers and their ability to execute effective social campaigns. As commentators note, it is hard to see Google (through Wildfire) being first in line for information about Facebook platform changes moving forward, given the competitive nature of Google+ and Facebook.

If brands are considering Google+ as their primary social channel, then staying with Wildfire makes a lot of sense given this acquisition. But if their primary focus is Facebook, as it is for most brands, then alarm bells should be ringing. This is why EngageSciences, a platform that enables brands to deliver exceptional Facebook social marketing programs, has today created a limited time offer to all Wildfire customers. All customers around the world will receive a risk-free incentive programme to move over to the EngageSciences platform.

In fact, prior to the acquisition many of Wildfire’s key customers have already made the move to EngageSciences, as they have felt hamstrung by Widlfire’s lack of campaign flexibility, poor analytics and lack of actionable audience insight. With Wildfire if you run multiple campaigns there is no way of profiling how individuals fans are interacting with you as a brand and influencing their friends to convert. This lack of ability to profile customers over time is a fundamental way brands can move from simple social media management to true social marketing.

Giving brands real insight into the value of their social database

So why should brands consider EngageSciences?
The EngageSciences social media management platform provides exceptionally rich social experiences for the world’s best known brands such as Net A Porter, Nokia, Stella Artois and Home Shopping Network. It enables these brands to create high-end campaigns with a whole new level configurability that’s just impossible to experience with the Wildfire platform. In addition, the depth of analytics and audience insight dramatically increases the lifetime value of individual fans, whilst informing and improving performance across all marketing touch-points. These platform capabilities are all backed-up by a world-class services team of experienced social marketers.

If you’d like to find out more about the opportunity to switch to EngageSciences, please call us on one of the following numbers:

Europe: +44 (0)203 651 6300

USA: +1 973-803-7132

Find out more about EngageSciences at www.engagesciences.com