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Since 2011 the world’s most loved and recognized consumer brands have trusted the EngageSciences platform to deliver measurable results across social, web and mobile channels. Whatever their industry, these customers are safe in the knowledge that we’re fanatical about delivering on the demands of today while pioneering ways to meet the needs of tomorrow.

  • The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead

    Season 4 Deadboard

    To promote The Walking Dead, Foxtel launched a campaign using gamification mechanics for fans to compete with friends to earn badges and get the chance to win prizes and view exclusive Walking Dead trailers.
  • Powershop NZ

    Powershop NZ


    Powershop New Zealand launched a fun photo contest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for consumers to post photos of their baking disasters using the #BakeFails hashtag. Submissions were featured on a social wall alongside other culinary catastrophes, where participants also had the chance to win a number of special prizes.
  • Verizon



    Verizon created a sense of anticipation and maximized consumer engagement around their sponsorship of Super Bowl XLVIII. With daily votes on the #WhosGonnaWin website, fans of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos pitted their wits against each other to see who would light up the Empire State Building in their team’s colors.
  • Microsoft Mobile

    Microsoft Mobile

    Lumia Design Challenge

    To prove they are a fun brand with a beautiful range of smartphones, Microsoft Mobile designed a contest for students from leading designs schools to re-imagine the design of the wireless Nokia Lumia 820 charging shell.
  • Aria


    Dream Racing

    Aria Dream Racing was a series of interconnected campaigns where consumers could challenge their friends and complete levels to earn badges and sweepstakes entries. Using various driving-related game mechanics, participants could win impressive prizes, including 11 laps in a Ferrari F430 GT.
  • Microsoft Mobile

    Microsoft Mobile

    Mission 31

    As the exclusive technology sponsor for Mission 31, Microsoft Mobile wanted to capture the underwater adventure and showcase the Nokia Lumia’s exceptional underwater capabilities. With two stages to the campaign, a competition and a social hub, the challenge featured the very best of the Nokia Lumia.
  • UFC


    War Paint

    To get people talking about the Weidman vs Machida fight, UFC created a contest where fans painted their war faces onto their favorite fighters and added their own war cry. Submissions were then curated and published to a social hub for fight fans to share and challenge each other.
  • Arsenal FC

    Arsenal FC

    2014/15 Puma kit launch

    To promote the launch of their new Puma kit, Arsenal FC created a social hub that featured photos of their fans wearing the new kit and an accompanying competition for them to win prizes.
  • Vodafone


    First Battle of Cool

    As a continuation of the Vodafone Global #Firsts campaign, Vodafone Deutschland introduced #BattleOfTheCool. The hub was dual-hosted on both microsite and the Vodafone DE Facebook page, where the activity was amplified using YouTube live streaming and live social conversations.

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