Multi-channel consumer engagement

Campaigns are at the heart of the EngageSciences platform. As standalone promotions on social networks or embedded into socialized web pages, our broad selection of campaigns enable brands to gather rich consumer data, detailed demographics and campaign opt-ins

Amy Winehouse Campaign

A campaign type for every need

A range of options means you’re covered when you need quick and simple and when you need customized and flexible.

Social Campaigns

Put your consumers at the heart of your marketing

Encourage and incentivize your advocates to create original content featuring your brand.
Get under the skin of your audience, learn what they love and hit them with inspiring content and offers.

Social UGC Campaigns

Looks great on any device

Responsive Design

Post to multiple social networks

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With EngageSciences marketers can save time and resource by creating, scheduling and publishing posts and updates to major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Post to multiple networks